On June 22-23 Duvernoix Legal’s senior lawyer of corporate practice Anna Senatorova participated in the conference for practitioners “Key clarifications of the Supreme Court after the reform of the Civil Code”

On June 22-23 Moscow Radisson Royal hotel hosted the conference “Key clarifications of the Supreme court after the reform of the Civil Code. What should be considered by lawyers”. The speakers at the conference are employees of the Supreme Arbitration Court and participate in working groups for preparation of clarifications of Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation and Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on civil law and lawsuit.

The following issues were discussed at the conference:

How to recognize the transaction invalid and on what grounds?

What should be done if a person acts without authority?

How to provide for a penalty in the contract so that it will not be reduced by the court?

How tî cancel an agreement so that there will be no negative consequences in the future?