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Any business project involves a whole range of legal issues. The specialists at Duvernoix Legal have considerable experience in various fields of law and in supporting the deals of any complexity.

The main areas of the company's expertise are:


  • Corporate and commercial law

    The main job of lawyers specialising in corporate and commercial law involves carrying out Due Diligence (legal reviews) of companies in order to minimise their risks, structuring business deals, providing support for the companies' current activities, analysing and drawing up corporate documents and supporting the processes of registration with Russian public authorities.



  • M&A support

    At Duvernoix Legal, M&A support includes corporate restructuring of companies, supporting the deals that involve sale / acquisition of shares / parts belonging to legal entities, helping companies prepare IPOs in international and Russian markets and consulting them on the listing regimes.


  • Real estate support

    The real estate support services provided by Duvernoix Legal’s lawyers cover the whole range of services in the sphere of real estate, from consultation on the client’s individual case to complete legal support for development projects.


  • Tax law

    Duvernoix Legal’s  tax specialists provide legal support to both corporate clients and private individuals. The main fields that our taxation lawyers deal with are consultation on issues of tax law, the tax structure of a company, settling tax disputes, estimation of risk and possible consequences with regards to tax and also company accounting services.


  • Litigation and arbitration

    Duvernoix Legal has considerable experience of conducting complex judicial processes regarding corporate, employment and tax disputes. Our lawyers have successfully represented the interests of clients in resolving disputes in Russian litigation courts, including the High Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation and legal courts of all levels, including the High Court of the Russian Federation and International Courts (ICAS).


  • Labour law and cooperation with trade unions

    At the moment the development of a system of relations between employers and employees is a complicated process and the correct organisation of this is one of the key factors to successful business. The main jobs of the employment lawyers of the firm are to develop an effective scheme for the hiring of personnel, to create templates for internal documentation (employment contracts, job descriptions and internal regulations), to create an effective personnel management structure and also to consult on issues relating to collective contracts and trade union legislation.   


  • IP and IT law

    With the introduction of 4th part of the civil code of the Russian Federation into effect, a series of changes in Russian legislation came into force. The system of legal relations, which are regulated using intellectual property (IP) and work with IT, has undergone huge changes. The lawyers at Duvernoix legal provide legal support for any issue connected with intellectual property regulation and IT use.


  • Competition law

    When starting up a business large companies often come across problems which are covered by the regulation of the Russian antimonopoly legislation. The lawyers at Duvernoix Legal provide complete legal support, registration support and settlement support which should be conducted at the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS). The main jobs of the employment lawyers of the firm are to draw up and submit applications and written notice to the FAS, provide legal support on issues of creating, re-organising and liquidation of an organisation, supporting the acquisition or sale of shares in a company in accordance with the norms of antimonopoly legislation.


  • Investment project support

    At the moment the level of investment in the Russian economy is growing year on year. As a consequence, there is also a growth in the number of large-scale investment projects. Duvernoix Legal provides complete legal support for investment projects at all stages of their implementation. Services in this sphere include preparation of legal opinions for each stage of implementation, agreement of the required conditions of the transaction for its implementation, consultation on tax legislation issues, representing the interests of the client during negotiations with the state authorities at all stages of implementation and obtaining permits and agreement from the state authorities of the Russian Federation.


  • Services for HNWIs

    Currently, Russian subjects can legally own parts in foreign companies, open accounts in foreign banks and have their savings transferred abroad. This brings about an additional layer of services aimed at HNWIs (high-net-worth individuals), i.e. owners of major assets, rather than companies.




Despite the specialisation of services, our lawyers always work closely together to provide a comprehensive approach to any problem.