Corporate and commercial law

The main job of lawyers specialising in corporate and commercial law involves carrying out Due Diligence (legal reviews) of companies in order to minimise their risks, structuring business deals, providing support for the companies' current activities, analysing and drawing up corporate documents and supporting the processes of registration with Russian public authorities.



The corporate practice specialists at Duvernoix Legal deal with all aspects of the commercial activity of an enterprise working in the Russian Federation.
Our services:
  • preparation of counsel for legal issues;
  • founding companies, branches and representative offices;
  • complete legal support with the regulatory bodies for legal entities;
  • leading Due Diligence;
  • developing the most effective plan for settlement of a transaction, from the point of view of Russian legislation;
  • legal support
  • negotiating on behalf of the client;
  • representing the interests of the client in the judicial system
  • appealing non-regulatory acts of governmental authorities, their actions (or lack thereof) in the administrative and judicial order;
  • creating and supporting non-commercial organisations’ enterprise
Implemented corporate and commercial law projects:
Complete legal support for the current activity of Kirovskiy Zavod – a large-scale equipment producer in the North-West of Russia.
Legal consultation for the company Ratek, an international producer of reinforced concrete materials, on issues connected with expansion of the business in Russia.
Consultation services for a large-scale Swedish producer on issues relating to their current activity.
Legal support for the current business activity of a large-scale Finnish construction company.
Legal support for VERTESZ Electronics, a large-scale European engineering company, on issues relating to start-up business activities on the territory of the Russian Federation.   
Head of practice
Alexander Arbouzov
Nikita Korobeinikov
Head of corporate practice