Services for HNWIs

Currently, Russian subjects can legally own parts in foreign companies, open accounts in foreign banks and have their savings transferred abroad. This brings about an additional layer of services aimed at HNWIs (high-net-worth individuals), i.e. owners of major assets, rather than companies.


Duvernoix Legal provides comprehensive support for practical issues which are of significance to the owners of major assets, including divorce, inheritance, capital management, private investments, drawing up and filing tax declarations, residency issues, etc.


In the company's experience, HNWI service package includes 2 blocks of services – tax and legal consulting and the services of chamber counsel.


Tax and legal consulting include:

  • legal analysis of any documents submitted to the Client for signing;
  • advice in terms of the Russian and foreign tax legislation;
  • advice in terms of asset management both in Russia and abroad;
  • advice in terms of currency control;
  • advice in terms of residency in Russia and abroad;
  • assistance in opening accounts outside of Russia;
  • advice in terms of acquiring real property both in and outside of Russia;
  • advice in terms of inheritance both under the Russian and foreign law.


Services of chamber counsel include:

  • liaising on behalf of the Client with public authorities and any other third parties under the power of attorney;
  • drawing up and filing tax declarations in the Client's name;
  • if necessary, holding meetings on behalf of the Client;


The services of chamber counsel are rendered to the Client by a specially appointed Duvernoix Legal manager, while legal and tax issues are usually handled by one of the company's executive officers.


Head of Practice:


Egor Noskov
Managing Partner