M&A support

At Duvernoix Legal, M&A support includes corporate restructuring of companies, supporting the deals that involve sale / acquisition of shares / parts belonging to legal entities, helping companies prepare IPOs in international and Russian markets and consulting them on the listing regimes.


M&A support provides a complete individual approach to solving the task in hand. The specialists at Duvernoix Legal provide legal support for such transactions and can always suggest the most effective structure for a transaction of any level of complexity. 

The main services include:
  • developing and implementing clear, understandable legal structures of a company (or group of companies) for investors;
  • providing legal support for the client during negotiation with any possible transaction participants (investment banks, potential investors etc.);
  • carrying out Diligence (legal checks) of company aims;
  • developing the optimal structure for a transaction, using the norms of international legislation where necessary;
  • preparation of all necessary documentation;
  • support for all legal procedures necessary for transactions to be fulfilled, including agreement with the FAS.
Examples of implemented projects:
Complete legal support for acquisition of assets for the company Talosto (assets in "Metelitsa", Ozerskiy dairy factory and Podolskholod).
Legal support for the acquisition of "Turbomachini" by Kirovskiy Zavod.
Legal support for the company Westcall for the acquisition of the communications operator Winlink
Legal groundwork for the merger of two leading Russian IT companies – Systmatica and Tops Business Integrated.
Legal support for the direct investment fund Global Technologies for the purchase of a 31% share in the group of companies "Svobodnaya Kassa" (electronic payment operator) and also for the purchase of right of first refusal for a 20% share.  
Legal support for the National computer corporation for the purchase of the companies Landata and Ensys Technologies.
Head of Practice:
Igor Guschev
Senior partner
Nikita Korobeinikov
Head of corporate practice