Real estate support

The real estate support services provided by Duvernoix Legal’s lawyers cover the whole range of services in the sphere of real estate, from consultation on the client’s individual case to complete legal support for development projects.


Our services include:


  • legal and organisational support to realise large-scale projects connected with the changeover of real estate;
  • carrying our Due Diligence (evaluation of legal risks) on the acquisition of real estate objects;
  • preparing legal opinion on issues of land and town-planning legislation;
  • legal provision for the procedures involved in forming land plots and other real estate objects;
  • conducting real estate litigation;
  • consultation on issues of changing the category of the land and designated use;
  • organising state registration of real estate transactions
Examples of implemented real estate projects:
Structuring the business of acquiring land plots for industrial enterprises in St.Petersburg for subsequent sale of the building on the land.
Complete legal support for the construction of a multi-functional complex in St.Petersburg.
Legal support for a land acquisition project for a large international agro-holding involving the acquisition of land plots with an overall area of more than 20,000 Hectares.
Representing of the proprietors’ interests in judicial proceedings regarding the arbitrary seizure of plots of land in the Leningrad region.
Legal support for the privatisation of plots of land of up to 50 Hectares within St.Petersburg for a large-scale holding.
Structuring the business of acquiring plots of land for industrial enterprises in St.Petersburg for subsequent sale of the building on the land.
Representing the interests of a large-scale Korean investment company in the acquisition of a series of real estate objects in St.Petersburg.
Preparation of the contractual foundations for the building of a multifunctional complex in the Krasnodarskii Krai region of Russia.
Head of Practice:
Head of real estate practice and PPP