Tax law

Duvernoix Legal’s  tax specialists provide legal support to both corporate clients and private individuals. The main fields that our taxation lawyers deal with are consultation on issues of tax law, the tax structure of a company, settling tax disputes, estimation of risk and possible consequences with regards to tax and also company accounting services.

Our services include:
Work with corporate clients:
  • introducing accounting and taxation record-keeping for the client’s company and making payments;
  • representing the interests of the client’s company with the tax bodies;
  • resolving issues connected with the client’s company’s tax arrears;
  • conducting financial checks of the client’s company to reveal possible tax claims;
  • developing ways to correct apparent mistakes with minimal loss to the client;
  • providing legal support for the client’s company for the period of an in-house tax audit;
  • appealing non-regulatory acts of governmental authorities, their actions (or lack thereof) in the administrative and judicial order;
  • developing efficient ways, with regards to the tax legislation, for the client’s company to work;
  • analysing the tax consequences of the client’s business and working out a more effective way of conducting business;
  • providing consultation on issues related to the participation of international jurisdiction in the transaction;
  • the liquidation of the client’s company on a turnkey basis: working as liquidators by solving all issues that arise in the process of liquidation (going through all registration procedures, firing employees according to the employment legislation of the Russian Federation, taking control of the company during the period in which the checks to do with liquidation are taking place, verification with the tax bodies and institutions, settling accounts with creditors and closing bank accounts etc).
Work with individuals:
  • solving problems of transport tax, land tax and personal income tax;
  • representing the client’s interests with the tax bodies;
  • drawing up and lodging declarations to do with personal income tax;
  • planning business and working out the most effective ways of working for the clients.
Examples of implemented taxation projects:
Consultation for a trans-national household chemical production corporation on issues of tax legislation relating to their current business activity. 
Legal support for a Finnish group of construction companies on issues of tax legislation.
Successful resolution of an arbitration dispute relating to VAT rebates for a Finnish group of construction companies. This was the first judicial practice created in the favour of the taxpayer, i.e. a foreign company requesting VAT rebates for tax paid before tax registration. 
Resolving VAT rebate issues out of court for one of the leaders in the worldwide confectionary market.
Head of Practice:
Maxim Simonov
Acting head of tax practice