Litigation and arbitration

Duvernoix Legal has considerable experience of conducting complex judicial processes regarding corporate, employment and tax disputes. Our lawyers have successfully represented the interests of clients in resolving disputes in Russian litigation courts, including the High Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation and legal courts of all levels, including the High Court of the Russian Federation and International Courts (ICAS).

Some examples of successful litigation achieved with the help of Duvernoix Legal:
Representing the interests of a producer of ventilation equipment on the issue of debt recovery at ICAS.
Contesting the non-regulatory acts of the Russian Federal Service for Financial and Budget Supervision on behalf of the State Customs Control of Russia.
Representing the interests of the management of the Pushkin museum in an arbitration dispute regarding the return of a building of historical importance which belonged to the state.
Administering employment disputes for one of the largest tobacco producers.
Head of Practice:
Tatiana Shchelkunova
Senior partner, head of litigation practice