Labour law and cooperation with trade unions

At the moment the development of a system of relations between employers and employees is a complicated process and the correct organisation of this is one of the key factors to successful business. The main jobs of the employment lawyers of the firm are to develop an effective scheme for the hiring of personnel, to create templates for internal documentation (employment contracts, job descriptions and internal regulations), to create an effective personnel management structure and also to consult on issues relating to collective contracts and trade union legislation.   

The lawyers at Duvernoix Legal offer companies legal support for all issues relating to employment law.
Our services:
  • preparation of employment contracts, contracts of complete individual responsibility and contracts of collective (team) material responsibility;
  • drafting job descriptions;
  • preparing collective contracts;
  • conducting negotiations with trade unions;
  • representing the interests of the clients with the government agencies;
  • legal support for employment disputes;
  • preparation of legal opinion on issues to do with employment legislation.
Successfully implemented projects:
Legal support for the change in the organisational management of the company BE&K East.
Preparing  a collective contract for a large-scale Swedish production company.
Leading collective negotiations for the company BE&K East.
Preparing a package of job descriptions for a large foreign company.
Acquiring work permits for a series of large foreign companies.
Head of Practice:
Tatiana Shchelkunova
Partner, head of litigation practice