IP and IT law

With the introduction of 4th part of the civil code of the Russian Federation into effect, a series of changes in Russian legislation came into force. The system of legal relations, which are regulated using intellectual property (IP) and work with IT, has undergone huge changes. The lawyers at Duvernoix legal provide legal support for any issue connected with intellectual property regulation and IT use.

Our services include:
  • registration of rights on intellectual property;
  • support for IP & IT transactions;
  • legal support for disputes regarding IP & IT;
  • preparation of legal opinions regarding intellectual property and information rights.
Successfully implemented projects:
Preparation of a production contract and support for its conclusion with a well-known Russian music performer.
Drafting a package of documents for computer programmes to be implemented within the Russian Federation for a large-scale foreign programme provider, in accordance with the 4th part of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.
Legal support for the music group Mummii – Troll.
Legal support on issues related to the introduction of part 4 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation for a Russian mobile phone operator.
Aside from providing legal support on issues of intellectual property and IT law, the lawyers at Duvernoix Legal act as partners for such companies as Microsoft and Columbus IT during seminars for legal entities dedicated to the current changes in Russian legislation.
Head of Practice:
Tatiana Shchelkunova
Partner, head of litigation practice