Competition law

When starting up a business large companies often come across problems which are covered by the regulation of the Russian antimonopoly legislation. The lawyers at Duvernoix Legal provide complete legal support, registration support and settlement support which should be conducted at the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS). The main jobs of the employment lawyers of the firm are to draw up and submit applications and written notice to the FAS, provide legal support on issues of creating, re-organising and liquidation of an organisation, supporting the acquisition or sale of shares in a company in accordance with the norms of antimonopoly legislation.

Our services include:
  • drawing up and lodging applications and written notice to the FAS;
  • legal support with acquiring preliminary consent from the competition bodies to do business;
  • representing the interests of clients to the Russian FAS and its regional bodies;
  • preparing legal opinions on issues of antimonopoly legislation.
Successfully implemented projects:
Supporting consent with the Russian FAS for a car assembly factory to be built in the North-West region of Russia as a subdivision of a foreign car production company.
Providing legal support to obtain consent from the Russian FAS for the purchase of the Podolsk dairy factory by the large-scale Russian food producer Talosto.
Providing legal support to obtain consent from the Russian FAS for the acquisition of a large real estate complex by a Russian mobile telecommunications operator.
Providing legal support for a large oil company to obtain the approval of the FAS for acquisition of real estate objects in Russia.
Providing consultation on issues of antimonopoly legislation for a Russian mobile telecommunications operation on the acquisition of two telecommunications companies.
Heads of Practice:
Igor Guschev
Senior partner
Alexander Arbouzov